Brief Introduction
The terminals are used to automate the issuance of the products located at the foot of the Tibidabo Funicular del Tibidabo .

  • PC
  • Vandal-resistant touch screen 17''
  • 60 mm Receipt Printer
  • Barcode reader
  • 4 Coin Dispensers
  • 1 Dispensador de billetes de 1 denominación
  • Lector de billetes con scrow de 1 billete
  • 20 scrow Coins reader
  • SAI
  • Motherboard E/S.
  • Digital ID card reader for validation of individual
Terminal application:
  • It is a fully touch application that allows users to buy a very intuitive product that offers the Tibidabo
  • Manage all peripherals
  • Management of credit card payment.
  • Cash management.
System Interconnection with BSM:
  • In addition to all payments to be recorded in the IPS sistemam Atm, all payments are recorded in the central system of BSM (Barcelona Municipal Services)
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