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Who we are
IPS is a computer consulting business dedicated to the field of industrial management fee.

After 9 years operating in the sector, IPS has met a number of tools and knowledge that offer great versatility in their products allowing to efficiently manage large variety of problems monetic and payment by credit card, can integrate many different brands of hardware dedicated to these purposes

  • Money Controls
  • Azcoyen
  • NRI
  • Pullon
  • DelaRue
  • MEI
  • Zebra
  • Evolis
  • Jofemar
  • Spire Payments
  • Icar Vision
  • Nippon Primex
  • Lexmark
Because we may need
If you need technical assistance payments aimed at managing information. Or need a final product to suit you, IPS solutions can give you all the time. Do not invest big money in developments that are costly, please contact us and we will give economically viable solutions. If you believe the product you're thinking is not in the market, we can develop or we can help develop it.

Our knowledge of the various programming technologies, allow the interconnection without any problem all our products with the most diverse system platforms operating (Linux, Windows) as any programming language. IPS KNOWLEDGE besides having a very broad sector also develops hardware products, making collaborations with garages, and getting to have different payment products in the market.

Our most effective tools
  • Knowledge: IPS has only engineers, with which we have no extra charges or secretaries propaganda and all expenses that include a large company. You only pay for engineering, may always have the best quality / price
  • Great experience: IPS provides an industry experience of 9 years, working for companies in the sector.
  • Libraries and tools and proven tight: We have machines running 24 hours a day 7 days for years on the market.
IPS offers integrable systems and machines that ultimately allow you to:
  • Pay with Visa off-line and on-line EMV approved, we can help standardize your solution yourself EMV.
  • Pay with cash, managing all the systems mechanics (coins, bills).
  • Issue tickets, rewrite, proximity cards.
  • Dispense returns.
How we work
Budget work by the hour or so the project requires, we have no problem working with distributors, or end client software, our goal is to keep customers loyal by offering the best solutions to the current market for this sector allows.
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