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Brief Introduction
The terminals are used to automate the management of collections of taxes and fines. The application recognizes format documents notebook 60 , mode 1, mode 2 and self-assessments. The terminals allow you to pay in cash or by credit card.

  • PC
  • Vandal-resistant touch screen 17''
  • 60 mm Receipt Printer
  • A4 laser printer for printing of official documents
  • Barcode reader
  • 4 Coin Dispensers
  • 1 1 ticket dispenser name
  • Lector de billetes con scrow de 11 billetes
  • Lector de monedas con scrow de 20 monedas
  • Sai
  • Motherboard I / O.
  • Visa payment module (more PinPad Reader)
Terminal application:
  • It is a full touch application that allows the user an intuitive way to pay the payment documents municipal taxes.
  • Manage all peripherals
  • Management of credit card payment.
  • Cash payments are allowed up to 3000 euro amount.
  • Integrated ticketing system quota and expiration date.
  • Print Laser-quality official documents.


Binder file generation 60:
  • In addition to getting all the payments recorded in the IPS Atm, it generates 60 Notebook files that are registered in the central system of the council, by terminating the payment of the fee.
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