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   Tabasa project   
Brief Introduction
The mission of the terminals is to automate multi-trip card issuance Vallvidriera in tunnels. Payment is made ​​on-line payment approved EMV EMV and after validation. Tabasa also developed in the manual gearbox, which is software that performs the same as self-service terminal, but can interact with an operator, the operator is oplicación part of multi-trip cards to sell can sell other products related to Vallvidriera tunnels.

  • PC
  • Vandal-resistant touch screen 17''
  • 60 mm Receipt Printer
  • Issuer of magnetic stripe plastic
  • Sai
  • Motherboard I / O
  • Visa payment module (more PinPad Reader)
Terminal application:
  • It is a full touch application that allows the user an intuitive way to choose the products offered by the tunnels to get through the tunnel tolls.
  • Manage all peripherals
  • Management of credit card payment.
Interconnection with Tabasa system:
  • Each of the operations are recorded in the IPS system made Atm but also integration with the central system Tabasa, so you can observe the evolution of work in the central system
  • Alarm Notification physical terminal state by pulses with the central system.
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